What’s a Goo Goo Doll? Who was Steely Dan? Where do Gin Blossoms grow? Find out with the how, what and why of band names!

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All of the bands and artists featured on this site are taken from Rock Formations: Categorical Answers to How Band Names Were Formed, a hugely entertaining book by San Jose rock music aficionado Dave Wilson, contains the categorical answers to your questions on how band and artist names were formed. If, after checking out the Band List above, you'd like a copy of the book (either as a download or hard copy, signed if you prefer) please click on Downloads & Orders above.

Featured by a host of radio & TV shows and high-profile publications (including CNN Radio, Entertainment Weekly and Time Out New York), this book provides over a thousand delightfully fascinating narratives behind one of the most important decisions a group can make, the choice of a name that they may be stuck with for 40 years or more.

Rock Formations is not the usual A-Z but a clever collection of entries with the content grouped under common themes, such as:

• A-LIST CELEBS, the complete skinny on bands whose names were inspired by famous people.
• AUTHOR! AUTHOR!, the stories behind bands who took their names from books.
• TAKE ME OUT TO THE BALL GAME, pumped-up copy on bands who were named for sports and games.